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Join our world of flying bottles, flaming flames, and perfect flavor combinations. You can experience all of this with your guests during one special night with our barman show.

Barmanská show

What have we prepared for you?

Flair a fire shows are worldwide popular shows, which you can now experience in Slovakia with us as well. Our bartenders will show you breathtaking acrobatics stunts with bottles, shakers, and glasses. Of course, every drop of alcohol will be used. During the show, the bartenders will be creating unique drinks, which you can taste and enjoy at the end.


How can you participate?

If you are tired of watching the bartender preparing the cocktail for you, you can simply try do it on your own. Under the guidance of our lector you will learn everything important from the world of mixology, what can you prepare directly at home, and how to do it. Which guest will make the tastiest drink? It solely depends on your skills.


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