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Online events

Online events


Personal meetings are a great tool for any business or organization to interact with your colleagues, business partners or other important people. If the current situation does not allow you to meet in person, then the ideal solution is an online meeting with unlimited possibilities - a training for a team of 10 colleagues, a conference for 200 partners or a product presentation for thousands of people. Broadcasting via private platform or YouTube. Interact with the speaker, share notes or presentations on screen. Thanks to the technologies we currently have, we can provide complete production and postproduction for your digital event.


Business videoconferencing


Online conference offers the possibility of remote communication with employees, business partners or potential customers. All you need is a mobile device, a computer and an internet access. We will arrange the rest for you. You will be part of the conference by clicking on the link via the received e-mail. Do you plan to promote various products, trainings or company workshop? We can realize each of these options through online broadcasting.



Digital events


We will create a virtual studio with professional camera equipment and service. We guarantee the privacy of content and guarantee the security of sharing business information during a digital event. For webinars, we can also join an external contributor to the livestream, who simply joins the presentation. Digital broadcast material is available on request. Content from various webinars or online courses can turn into blog posts, presentations, short videos, and more.



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