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What is it about?

Tasting is a very popular concept of managed or unmanaged degustation of various interesting drinks. It is mostly used by established or unknown brands to introduce the hottest drinks from their portfolio, start up the season, or simply create the opportunity for clients to experience the art of degustation.

How does it look like?

The fundamental element of the set up is a true whiskey barrel and tasting stand, but the most important component is the professional lector, who is many times the ambassador of particular brand as well. We guarantee a educational explanation of the making processes in Slovak or English language, professional presentation of the product, and personalized branding based on the client's requirements.

Whisky tasting

Join us exploring the world of diverse smells and flavors.  We will teach you how to degust correctly, how to distinguish fine differences between Scottish whiskys or Irish whiskeys. We will guide you through the whole spectrum of flavors of this delicious and extraordinary spirit. Furthermore, we will tell you a little bit about history, reveal few secrets of its production and alchemy happening in the barrels before it gets bottled. During the evening you will become a true degustation master and will be able to choose your favorite kind of whiskey based on your preferences and taste. And we did not forget about those who do not feel that bold - you can try our tasty and traditional „Classic whiskey cocktails”.

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ochutnávka whisky

Rum tasting

The demon water, grog or a pirate drink… those are the synonyms of the one and only rum. Did you know that rum is made besides the Carribean also in Japan or India? You can reward your clients by managed degustation the same way as the sailors used to be rewarded in the 18th century. You will be guided through the managed rum degustation by our educated lector, and you will feel as you have just traveled to the beautiful Carribean Islands. The whole experience is complete as you smoke one of our lovely cigars from the humidor.

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Degustácia rumov

Spirits degustation

Did you know that Slovak spirits made it, for example, all the way to the Japanese Royal court? Let your taste buds have one of the most unforgettable experiences trying the typical Slovak spirits, which were being drunk by many generations of our ancestors. In our bar, you can try traditional Slovak Pear Spirit, Plum Spirit, Cherry Spirit or other spirits directly from our very own distillery.  Explore the world of slovak fruit spirits with brand amabasadors of verious brands.

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spirit degustation

Degustation based on your requirements

Join us at the fabulous degustation of the newest kinds of gin, tequila, brandy or wine. Besides trying well-known quality brands of alcohol, you will also learn about new trends, interesting facts and much more from the world of spirits. We will gladly prepare a managed degustation for you, or for example a blindfold degustation. With each type of alcohol, we will pair something super tasty to munch on as well.

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Tasting bar - degustácie a ochutnávky akoholu
Tasting bar - degustácie a ochutnávky akoholu
Tasting bar - Ochutnávka rumov
Tasting bar - degustácie a ochutnávky akoholu
Tasting bar - degustácie a ochutnávky akoholu
tasting rumu
degustácia Marsen
slovenské destiláty
Degustácia rumov
SND tasting
degustácia whisky komoda


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