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Teambuildings for companies

Only a few activities strengthen the team as much as innovative and creative teambuilding. The classic indoor or outdoor activities can be organized by just any event agency. We can offer you not only the company Olympic games, Survival camp or various sports activities, but also prepare unusual themed catering and barcatering.

Teambuildingy pre firmy

Sport activities

Doing sports with you colleagues is so much fun and you should definitely give it a try. It helps to release endorphins, builds team spirit and incites healthy competition. Choose from our wide portfolio of sports such as archery, rafting or football tournament. Or the less traditional ones such as sumo match, self defense training or military race.

Športový deň

Adrenaline adventures

Try something less traditional with your colleagues that you will not forget? Go-kart racing, rappelling or whitewater rafting will bring your team the right adventure. For the bravest, we offer the opportunity to try a jump from a chimney. Would you and your colleagues have guts to try it?

adrenalínové aktivity

Workshops and personal development

If you want to make your team building more intelectual we will prepare various interesting workshops or lectures for you. For example, you can learn how to keep a healthy back in a sedentary job, how to prepare a balanced breakfast that will give you energy, how to organize your time better, or improve your conversation in front of the audience.

Rozvoj osobnosti

Cooking class

Take your colleagues to the kitchen. The cooking class is a pleasant and relaxing activity which also ends up tasty - with tasting your own creations. And if you dare you can also try mixing cocktails. Even the less skilled who avoid the stove can do it.

škola varenia

Games for adults

Even adults love to play. Get together with your colleagues and try to find a way out of the Escape Room, collect all the clues and enjoy the extraordinary Treasure Hunt. Would you survive with your colleagues on an abandoned island with just a few tools? You can test yourself on our team buildings.

hry pre dospelých


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