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The times when the perfect selection of cocktails ended with Mojito or Vodka-Orange are long gone.

Professional barcatering with the unique approach is represented by exclusive cocktails, smoothies, and lemonades. The original cocktail menu should be full of perfectly combined classic or new and surprising flavors, created by the top local and foreigner bartenders.

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One of our main services are our authentic mobile bars, that you can order for any location.

The Apothéka bar is inspired by the medical craft and the Slovenský bar has bases in the Slovak traditions and folklore. Both are unique concepts bringing an unforgettable experience directly to you.

Slovenský bar na svadbu

For those seeking real fun and entertainment, for those who need more than just sipping cocktails in the corner, we offer something special.

You can watch our live professional bartender show. Flying bottles, glasses, or spitting fire is part of the show.  And for those who would like to try it, we have prepared a workshop lead by one of our skilled lectors teaching you how to make a perfect drink and more.

Barmanská show


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